Friday, September 30, 2005

Original Origami Garnish

Square or rectangular mandu, wonton, or eggroll wrappers

1. If you have rectangular wrappers; form a triangle by folding one side to an adjacent side so that the fold forms a 45 degree angle, cut away the part of the wrapper outside of the triangle, and open the triangle to form a square. (If you have square wrappers skip to step 2.)

2. Fold the squares into any flat design as one would a scrap of paper.

3. Fry the folded wrappers flipping occasionally until they reach a golden-brown color.

4. Remove them from the oil and place them over papertowel. Salt immediately. Remove from the papertowel when they have cooled.

    Original origami garnish is perfect as an edible garnish to accompany a main course or a dessert.

    I chose to use the duck pattern found at the Origami Shrine, because it is relatively flat and either side of each duck can be displayed.

    I recommend folding the orirgami design first with paper.


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